Superior Engine Repair in Melrose

Some mechanics in Melrose will recommend an engine replacement at the first sign of trouble. This is not the approach that we adopt at Father & Son's Auto And Collision. We have trust and pride in the skill and workmanship of our team of trained technicians and mechanics and will always look to repair an engine problem rather than replace it. This commitment to auto-repair excellence is what sets us apart from other garages and should be the first things you look for when choosing an engine repair garage.

Repairing the engine in your vehicle rather than replacing it will not only save you money but it will also reduce your off-road time considerably. This is very important and we try to make as many of our Melrose customers as possible aware of our unique repair-driven service. Don’t take chances with inferior garages. Call us today for our limited time offers and flexible payment plans.

Five Engine Related Problems to Avoid

Engine problems can manifest themselves in a myriad of different ways. Five of the most commonly made mistakes that need to be avoided include:

  1. Use of Ethanol: Adding ethanol gasoline to your engine is one way of causing irreparable damage to it. The reason for this is simple. Ethanol gasoline absorbs water and when it isn’t stored correctly it can form molecular bonds with water that can erode crucial components of your engine. This corrosion can affect everything from fuel lines, injection systems and valves, to rods and cylinders.
  2. Build-up of Oil Sludge: Oil sludge can build-up over time if the oil in your vehicle isn’t changed regularly. From there, the sludge can have a lasting impact on the durability and efficiency of your engine. The sticky nature of oil sludge can cause blockages that affect the flow of the oil to the parts of the engine that need it to operate efficiently.
  3. Shortage of Fluid: A shortage of fluid is one of those problems that doesn’t sound like a very big deal, but the truth is that it can quickly end up eroding and damaging your engine. While an over-heated engine is the surest way of damaging the most important part of your car, a lack of fluid is a close second. In fact, it is much more damaging than oil sludge build-up.
  4. Cold Starts: Anyone who has experienced an icy Melrose winter morning can agree that it is anything but pleasant. Well the same is true for your car. The best way to avoid damage to your engine from sub-zero temperatures is to invest in a standard engine heater.
  5. Below Standard Maintenance: In general, failing to maintain your engine correctly will do more damage than most other things. Over-revving the engine to make up for poorly maintained parts elsewhere in the vehicle is the surest way of damaging your engine and depreciating it years ahead of time.