Malden’s Power Steering Specialists

Any Malden driver who has had the pleasure of driving a classic vintage car can tell you how enjoyable of an experience it is. However, one point that they may fail to mention is how strenuous it can be to have to steer without the assistance of power steering. If power steering in your vehicle is in need of repair it can feel like you are driving a vintage car without any of the benefits that come with it.

At Father & Son's Auto And Collision we love vintage cars but what we love more are our Malden customers and ensuring that they receive the power steering repair service they deserve. This not only includes skill and precision in the repair of your power steering system, but also an unrivalled approach to customer care that will keep you fully informed of every step along the way.

How Does Power Steering Work?

Power steering is works with the combination of a recirculating ball mechanism that is tied together by a hydraulic pump and a rotary valve. Without getting too technical, these three components work together to ensure the smooth drive that you have come to expect. The pump in any power steering vehicle is supplied by energy generated in the engine. While the rotary valve is responsible for sensing when pressure is put on the wheel (through turning motions) and should only assist when motion or pressure is applied.

Symptoms of a Failing Power Steering Unit

There are a number of obvious symptoms that will indicate that your power steering unit is failing and requires repair. While there are also more subtle indicators which mean that it’s time to bring your car, bike or truck to your trusted power steering repair garage in Malden. One of the first signs to look out for is a whining noise when turning the wheel. This sound isn’t there simply to interrupt your afternoon drive, but is a timely reminder that your steering wheel needs repair. A whining sound could mean that there is a leak in the power steering pump or that the fluid level is too low. In either case, the power steering needs to be assessed by a professional.

Another sign that your power steering wheel is not working as it should be is if it is slow to respond when turned. This problem will be most noticeable if you are driving on twisty rural roads where solid wheel work is a must. If the slow response time of your power steering is matched by a whining sound then you know you have a serious problem and need to contact Father & Son's Auto And Collision right away.

Finally, one of the less obvious signs that there may be an issue with your power steering is if the steering wheel is stiff. To test the stiffness of your wheel, drive slowly towards a corner and pay attention to determine the difficulty of turning the wheel.